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In the age of oversized suburban houses this family challenged themselves to maintain a low squarfootage in a new single family residence. This began with the blank slate palate of a small infill lot in the SODO district of Orlando, amongst an eclectic range of houses from the 1940s to 2010s. The architecture was envisioned to express a clean modern-line design, with an emphasis on purposeful order of space and function. The sustainable aspects of the project are a byproduct of incorporating passive and active systems into the holistic design. Including northern orientation of the living space, operable cross ventilation, on-site septic and water management, and integrated home automation of HVAC, fans, lighting, for a net-zero-ready house.

There are 3 major factors that contributed to making this a responsibly compact 1300 sqft home. First is the implementation of continuous insulation around the whole exterior envelope. Second was eliminating any duplication of room types; every part of each space has a purpose. Third is the efficiency of combining like-spaces into 4 distinct zones; parking, support, private, and living.

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